June 27, 2016

Physical Forms May Now Be Completed, Signed by More Medical Professionals

During its recent final meeting of the 2015‐16 school year, the IHSAA Executive Committee amended Rule 3‐10 of the By‐Laws regarding the completion of an athletic physical examination.

Effective immediately, the IHSAA pre‐participation physical evaluation form may now be completed and signed by, not only a physician with an unlimited license to practice medicine, but also nurse practitioners and physician assistants clearing high school students for athletic participation.

"The Indiana High School Athletic Association continues to greatly value the medical guidance from the Committee on Sports Medicine which is a branch of the Indiana State Medical Association” said IHSAA Commissioner Bobby Cox. “Traditionally, the Association has maintained a position whereby a doctor with an unlimited license to practice medicine in our state either perform or certify the pre‐participation physical examination for our student athletes. While our expectation of providing the highest standard of care for our students has not wavered, the Association respects the changes in the health care landscape over the last few years. In light of this ever changing panorama, the Association now extends an opportunity for a select group of professionals to execute the pre‐participation physical examination."

Between April 1 and a student's first practice in a sport, a physical evaluation must be performed and the appropriate form completed, signed and submitted to member school administrators.

The Indiana High School Athletic Association continues to receive guidance from the Sports Medicine Committee of the Indiana State Medical Association. Approximately 160,000 students participate in high school athletics on an annual basis in Indiana.


Below is a link to all the forms and information that your student athlete, physician and parents must fill out before participating in sports at SHS and SMS!

Click on the link below to download your physical form for 2018-19:

Scottsburg Pre-Participation Athletic Forms